About us

Printiki is fueled by people with a passion for print and technology. We enjoy the technological innovations that put a camera in everyone's pocket and made a photographer of us all. We love to share these captures digitally but strongly believe there is something magical about a printed photograph. 

We are busy people just like you, we understand you don't want to spend hours upon hours converting your digital memories to printed products. That's why we create tools that make this process rediculously easy for you. It is our mission to get every memory maker enjoy the emotional power of printed photographs. 

Bjorn, Bia, Frank, Kim and Casper.

Bjorn, Bia, Frank, Kim and Casper.


About our name

The name Printiki is a combination of the words "Print" and "iki". Print obviously refers to the core concept of our service, printed products. The word "iki" has a Japanese origin and is used as a concept in aesthetics. According to Wikipedia:

Iki is an expression of simplicity, sophistication, spontaneity, and originality.

This definition is exactly what we had in mind when we started Printiki. We want the service to have simplicity to the users, though we want it to be sophisticated in its execution.


Office location

We are located in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. 


Office address
Nachtwachtlaan 20
1058 EA  Amsterdam
the Netherlands