How to hang your Printiki Canvas

What does the Printiki Canvas mount kit contain?

  • 1 sawtooth bracket
  • 1 screw
  • 1 hook
  • 2 nails

Hanging instructions

The Printiki hanging kit is easy to use, and the diagrams below illustrate how they should be installed. 

Most canvases only require a single hanging plate.

Canvas-instructions (1).jpg

Caring for your fine art Printiki Canvas

To ensure your handmade canvas remains looking as vivid and vibrant as the day it was created, please observe the following care advice:

  • Keep your canvas away from direct sunlight, as well as reflected light from mirrors or glass.
  • Do not use any form of liquid or chemical products to clean your canvas, even if your canvas comes with a surface coating. A soft brush can be used periodically to remove any settled dust. 
  • Ensure your print is displayed at room temperature in a stable, moisture-free environment and is kept at a safe distance from any sources of direct heat such as a fireplace or radiator. 

Enjoy your Printiki Canvas!