DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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This is our first blog post and we are very excited! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so we want to share with you our favorite gifts ideas for this special day!
Get inspired with our DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas and surprise your sweetie!

1. Make a photo trail for him to come home to
A printed picture is worth a thousand words, right? Even more nowadays, when we tend to keep our photos in the cloud. So print out photos that hold a special meaning for you both. You can make them look like Polaroid prints and add text to them, with nicknames, short anecdotes or inside jokes ;) Lay them all as a trail, leading either to the bedroom, dining room table or to wherever you will be waiting from him.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

2. Photo art wall
You can give your wall a new look with printed pictures. Print the pictures in 6x4” size. Tape it or glue it to your wall in the corner, making a heart shape. He will love the surprise and you will make your wall more memorable.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Heart shaped wall

3. Photo books that tell a story
Regardless if you’ve been together for a few weeks, months or years, you have a love story to tell. A photo book is a great way to tell that story and to celebrate what you two share. Make a photo book with your pictures in chronological order, starting with the very first picture you took together and going through other memorable moments of your life.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

4. Balloons, photos and fun stories
Here's a crazy idea: why not decorate your room with colorful balloons? We got inspired by Jemma Morgan from Dorkface blog, who nailed it. Print pictures of fun moments of you two together – you can print them directly from your phone! Don’t forget to write fun stories on the back of each picture!
Step by step: Fill up the balloons (around 25-30) using a helium tank and tie the pictures to the balloons using long pieces of ribbon. Gather all balloons together and use your bed for support. Remember to take a picture of your room before the balloons wilt.

DIY Valentines balloons - Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

6. DIY Instagram photo box
If you love Instagram, as we do, you must have loads of snaps of the two of you together! Why not print those memories? You can print your Instagram photos right from your phone!
Step by step: Order square prints in size 4x4”. You’ll need some wrapping paper, a pair of scissors and glue for this one :) Take a piece of some fun wrapping paper and cut along piece 4” wide. Glue the prints one above the other, so when they fold they make a kind of an accordion. Leave some extra paper on the bottom, so you can glue it into the box. Fold the photo accordion inside the box and enjoy your Instagram album you can actually touch, or (even better) give as a gift. <3

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

7. Enlarge your special memories
Pictures can stir up emotions in many ways, but many people forget it. Do you display memories of your special moments? We love the idea of having these memories hanging on the wall, and it’s very easy to create a photo poster. You can choose one picture or more to create a mosaic. If you already wanted to do something like that, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to finally order it! :)

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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