DIY Halloween Decoration: Mini Pumpkin

Hi Printikers,

This post will teach you how to create mini pumpkins using only chenille stems. This Halloween DIY project is very simple yet lovely to decorate your Halloween Party. 

DIY Mini Pumpkin 🎃

Materials you'll need for one mini pumpkin:

  • Green chenille stems
  • Orange chenille stems
  • Scissors


  • Cut the orange chenille stems into sixteen parts of 11cm and one part of 6,5cm. 
  • Cut the green chenille into one part of 11cm and one part of 6,5cm.
  • Hold all the orange chenille of 11 cm together and push the green chenille in the middle of them, but leaving around 4cm higher than the orange chenille. Then use the smaller green chenille stem to wrap around the top of the orange stems as tightly as possible.
  • Take the orange chenille stem of 6,5cm. Wrap it slightly above the orange ones, creating a loop. Then take the end of one of the orange stems, bend it upwards, and tuck it into the green loop. Continue this with the rest of the orange ends.
  • Bend the long green chenille upwards into a leaf shape at the top of the pumpkin and trim it.
DIY Halloween Decoration Mini Pumpkin

Your cute mini pumpkin is ready! 

We've got a DIY Halloween Decorations playlist on YouTube with many ideas! Visit our channel and subscribe. 😉 

Happy Halloween! 👻

Bia, Kim & Printiki Team