DIY Photo Calendar

Hello guys,

2018 is around the corner and with a new year comes the need for a new calendar. You know how much we love DIY projects, so instead of buying a new calendar for our office, we decided to create our own. Today we show you how to create a crate of popsicles, and turn it into a cute desk DIY Photo Calendar. You can customize the months with your favorite (Instagram) photos of 2017, or with your goals for 2018. And don't worry about the days of the months; we've prepared a free download for you. 😉 

DIY Photo Calendar

DIY Photo Calendar

Materials you need for one calendar:

  • Wood popsicle sticks0 (150 x 20 mm)
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Scissors 
  • Cutter
  • (Scrap) paper
  • Ruler
  • Three pins or needles
  • Hole punch
  • Glue
  • Printiki Prints

    BONUS: Download the days of the month for free! And you just need to upload numbers to Printiki website and order your prints. Remember that you need two prints of the number two and one.
DIY Photo Calendar


  • Order your Prints to form the calendar. Choose one photo for each month of the year. Our creator allows you to write the months on your photos. Print also the numbers - from 0 to 9, remembering that you need the two prints of numbers one and two.
  • Cut off the round edges of 30 popsicle sticks. 
  • Place vertically 21 popsicle sticks beside each other. Glue them together with three popsicle sticks horizontally placed at the top, side by side. Repeat the process with three popsicle sticks in the center and at the bottom. It will look like the bottom of a crate. 
  • Cover this part with scrap paper or fabric. 
    Now it's time to build the sides of your crate. 
  • Cut the popsicle sticks into fourteen pieces of 6 cm, twelve pieces of 14 cm and four pieces of 9,5 cm. 
  • Place side by side horizontally one popsicle stick of 14cm, one of 9,5 and another one of 14. Connect them by gluing four popsicle sticks pieces of 6 cm (glue these pieces vertically) at one edge.
  • Glue at the other edge one popsicle stick of 14cm, one of 9,5 and another one of 14. 
  • Repeat the process, so that you have two sides of your crate ready. 
  • Attach these parts to the bottom of your crate using hot glue and leaving the scrap paper "inside" the crate. 
  • Now we finish the other two sides of the crate. We glue one popsicle stick of 14cm on each side. After, we glue vertically one popsicle of 6 cm on the left side and o the right side. We finish by attaching one popsicle stick of 14 cm at the top of each side. 
    Now your "crate" is ready!
  • Get your Printiki photo prints and make a hole using the hole punch close to the top of your prints. Be careful and centralize the prints in the hole punch. 
  • Position the prints in the crate in three "columns" - month, the first and the second day of the month. Mark inside the prints little holes you made before with a pen. Glue the three needles at these positions. These needles will hold the prints. Make sure that they are aligned. 

Your DIY Photo Calendar is ready! Cute and handy, isn't it?

See full tutorial on our YouTube and subscribe to our channel for more DIY projects ideas. ✂️ 🙋🏻

DIY Photo Calendar
DIY Photo Calendar
DIY Photo Calendar
DIY Photo Calendar
DIY Photo Calendar
DIY Photo Calendar

Bia, Kim & Printiki team wish you a wonderful 2018!