Tips and Tricks – How to add captions to your photo prints

At Printiki, we love, love, LOVE adding captions or text to our pictures. Captions do not only compliment the story our photos are telling, but also help us to remember places, dates or inside jokes.

Happily, our Creator enables us to add captions to all our #Printiki photos, no matter which theme or size we choose 🎈 So on today’s post we want to show you some tips and tricks that will help you customizing and enhancing your photos. Let’s go!

1. Add text
If you have already chosen a theme and uploaded your photos, you are ready to add captions or text to them. You do it manually, one by one. First, select the picture you would like to add a caption to. Second, click the orange button "+ text", at the bottom left of your screen. 

Desktop version
Mobile version

2. Choose a font
We have nine fonts to choose from. Pick your favorite font, drag it to your preferred position on the photo. A text box will automatically open.

3. Write your caption
You can now write your caption and edit it using the toolbar. The color of the font is black by default, but you can change it by clicking the Color button. Wanna try another font? Click on Font face and change it. You can also align your text or change its position by simply dragging.

printiki creator 2.png
printiki creator 3.png

Add a background color.

printiki creator 5.png

Get creative and add your favorite quotes to you pictures! You can edit the font size, as well!  

printiki creator 6.png

It looks so Pinterest-worthy! 💕

printiki creator 7.png

Play with different backgrounds and font colors...

printiki creator 8.png

...and create your own cards!

4. Add caption to portrait photos, too
Don't you worry if you want to add caption to a portrait photo, we've got you covered! Follow the steps above to write and edit your text. Once it's ready, just hold the rotation icon and rotate the text box. Drag and drop the box to your preferred position on the photo and that's it! 

We hope we have inspired you to add captions to your photos!  Get started here. 📸

Kisses & hugs,