Guide: How to organize your photos on your iPhone

Camera phones have been improving its quality in the past years and taking loads of photos has become part of our daily routine. The motto is: snap or it didn’t happen! You want to do something with these photos, like to create a photo book or turn them into retro prints. Choosing which pictures are worth printing can be a bit overwhelming, because if we're honest, the majority of our pictures are duplicates or blurry and should just be deleted. That's why you should first organize your photos in albums to make it easier to choose which ones to print. Spare yourself the frustration and make sure you print your best shots. We have made a short guide to help you getting the job done. :)

How to create new albums on iPhone

1. Open the Photos app from your Home screen

2. Tap on Albums in the right most bottom navigation

3. Tap on the Add button (+ icon) in the upper left corner


4. Name you new album
Tip: If you plan to create photo books or order prints, name them according to your project

5. Tap Save

6. Tap on all photos you would like to add to this album

7. Tap to Done in the upper right corner

8. Your new album will appear in the Albums tab 


How to add photos to existing albums on iPhone

1. Open the Photos app from your home screen

2. Tap to an album or camera roll 

3. Tap Select at the top right


4. Tap on all the photos you would like to add 

5. Tap on Add to at the bottom 

6. Choose the album you would like to add the photos to or create tap on New Album to create a new album


Keep your growing photo library organized by creating albums and sorting your photos according to trips, projects, people or any other theme. In this way, it will be easy to access your photos and share them with friends,  order photo prints or create a photo book - everything within few clicks. 

Take care,