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I’m so excited for today’s post! I want to share  some pretty amazing desk ideas that we’ve been seeing on Pinterest and have been tagged on Instagram (btw, thanks guys for tagging us in your beautiful pics!). They gave us huge inspiration. If you want to redecorate your desk or creative space making it more Instagrammable, take a look to these lovely ideas that will motivate you to do your work, study or get hobby ideas. 😉 

Mesh Boards and Grids
We've been seeing a lot of boards and grids on social media and they couldn't be left out of this list. Not just beautiful, they are also handy for displaying your favorite photos, notes and other things that will give your desk a more personal touch. See below some awesome pics. 

Jennifer from Amour Jnfr Blog decorates her desk with Urban Wire Memo Board and Printiki Retro Square M Prints

Geraldine from Little Big Bell Blog makes her creative corner super fresh with memories of her trip to Palm Springs. The mesh board is from Not on the High Street and the prints are Printiki Square M

Don't feel like spending a lot on a grid? Jolie from Joliecious Blog shows how to create your own grid with lunch money. Check out the DIY here

Talking about DIY and budget friendly grids and mesh boards, you can transform yours with metallic gold spray paint. So clever, we love it! See how at Home with the Hehaworths Blog, and don't get disctracted by the beauty of her Printiki prints!

More desk inspiration using mesh boards and grids... 💕


Ah pegboards, what's not to love! They give you countless possibilities to store, organize, hold and display. Versatile and trendy, what more do you need? 

Add some green to your desk.

Organization goals.

Inspirational board.

Strings and Pegs

Strings and pegs are already our favorites when it comes to wall decor, but they make their appearance on our desk inspo list too. 😉 Affordable and easy to set up, they can make your desk much more fun. 

DIY Fringe photo garland. So much love fore these! 

Becca from Tea with B Blog revamped her desk with some pegs, fairy lights and Printiki prints.

A metal clip string is a great option if you've got big prints to display.

Washi Tape

A DIY delight and scrapbookers' best friend, you didn't know washi tape is about to become your next obsession! Grab your Printiki prints, some cute washi tape, and start sticking memories to your desk!  Wahi tapes are made from natural fibers (like bamboo or hemp) and are acid-free, so your prints will be safe, along with the environment!

Dress up your desk with washi tape and giant copper clips for posters

Little details that make all the difference.

For a Nordic look.

Organized mess.

Give wings to your imagination.

Beautiful and clean.

Memo Boards
Just as the wire mesh boards, memo or vision boars are a great option to decorate your desk and get your goals organized. 

Jackie from That's What's Up Blog created a beautiful board with Printiki prints and Sweet Jojo Memo board.

Memo boards make it so easy to change your photos, notes, and other decor elements from time to time. 

Cork Board

Another great and practical solution to furnish your desk or office. Perfect to quickly pin notes, prints and posters.

Cork board wall

Enough space for memories and notes

Office and craft space

White + gold = ❤️

You can find more inspiration on our Instagram and Pinterest. 🙋🏻
See you there? 

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