DIY Cork Photo Stand

Hello DIY lovers,

Let's make a DIY photo stand from a champagne cork. It's budget-friendly and extremely easy to make! Recycling is all about creativity and I bet you never thought that a cork and its wire cage could actually be re-purposed - but they can! 😉 Let's go!

DIY Cork Photo Stand

DIY Cork Photo Stand

Materials you'll need for one photo stand:

  • An undamaged champagne cork with the wire cage it comes with
  • Wire cutter
  • Cutter or thin knife
  • Photo print
Materials needed to create a DIY Cork Photo Stand


  • Use the wire cutter to cut the champagne cork cage to get the curly feet for the stand.
  • Use a cutter (or another sharp object, like a push pin) to drill deep holes into the cork.
  • Put the little feet into the cork, so the cork doesn't roll over.
  • Use the cutter to make a slice where the photo print will slide in. Slice the cork right after the curl on the cork.
  • Put the photo print in the slice.

Tips: You can use spray paint to customize the cork, and/or add stickers to it. The thinner the slice cut on the cork the better. Otherwise your photo will not be standing but bending backwards. 

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DIY Cork Photo Stand
DIY Cork Photo Stand

Our Bia has tried the DIY project herself and it looks great!

Kisses and hugs,
Bia, Kim & Printiki Team

DIY Cork Photo Stand