DIY Stone Photo Stand

Hello DIYers,

Today we will create an affordable yet beautiful photo stand using stone and wire. Stones are not just for throwing, skipping or for garden decoration, they can be easily turned into stylish photo stands too.  Ready to create a DIY Stone Photo Stand? Let's go! 

DIY Stone Photo Stand

Materials you'll need for one photo stand:

  • A medium- sized stone
  • Aluminium wire. We used from 2 mm and 1 mm diameter
  • Wire cutter
  • Something cylindrical to bend the wire. We used a marker
  • Embellishment(s). We used a wooden heart
  • Glue
  • Photo prints 
Materials needed to create a DIY Stone Photo Stand


  • Rinse the stone making sure that it's clean and let it dry.
  • Wrap the aluminium wire around the stone. Start placing the wire underneath the stone and wrap the wire around it (one or two loops).  Make sure you wrap the wire tightly around the stone so it doesn't slip off and holds your photo print properly. 
  • Pull the rest of the wire up. This part will hold your photo print. 
  • Choose how high you want your photo to stand and place the marker on the wire at this position.
  • Wrap the wire twice around the marker.
  • Remove the marker and snip off the wire left using a wire cutter.
  • Slip your photo print between the wire coils you made with the help of a marker

Add embellishments to your photo stand:

  • Choose any embellishment of your preference. We used a wooden heart.
  • Add glue onto the back part of the heart.
  • Glue the heart onto the wire coil. Open the coil a bit, so you don't glue the two parts of the coil together. 
  • Wait until the glue dries. 
  • Slip your photo print between the wire coils and put them back together. 

And voilà! Your DIY Stone Photo Stand is ready! Get creative by adding different embellishments to your photo stand, or replacing the aluminium wire by cloth-covered florist wire sticks, for example. 

DIY Stone Photo Stand

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Bia, Kim & Printiki Team

DIY Stone Photo Stand