DIY Wood Block Photo Stand

Hello crafty Printikers,

You know we always love creating simple DIY projects for you, right? For today's project, you only need a few supplies, and you are good to go! We'll make a DIY Wood Block Photo Stand that is perfect to hold many photos and lovely to decorate as a centerpiece or on a side table.

DIY Wood Block Photo Stand

DIY Wood Block Photo Holder

Materials you'll need for one photo stand:

  • Wood block
  • Aluminuim wire (2mm diameter)
  • Triangle shaped paper clips
  • Nail
  • Hammer
  • Wire cutter
  • Marker
  • Printiki photo prints 
DIY Wood Block Photo Stand


  • Firstly, think how many photos you would like to display on your photo stand and their position. Mark their position on the wood with a pen, so you know where to place the wire and paper clips. Take into consideration that the wire and paper clip should hold the center of your photo print.
  • Using a nail and a hammer, make holes where you previously marked in the wood.
  • Make a photo holder using a marker, wrapping the wire around the marker twice. Cut the wire left using a wire cutter. Push the wire into the hole.
  • Unfold one part of the triangle shaped paper clip. Push this part into the hole you created previously. 
  • Place your photo prints into the triangle and wire photo holder. 

Tip: You can play with colors and customization, choosing the wire and paper clips from different colors. 

Your DIY Wood Photo Stand is ready! Easy peasy! 

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DIY Wood Block Photo Holder
DIY Wood Block Photo Holder

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DIY Wood Block Photo Stand