Corner Heart Photo Wall

Corner Heart Photo Wall Collage

48x46 inch - 136x94 cm

UK: £15
USA: $22,50
Australia: AU$40


Create a Corner Heart Photo Wall from your most loved photos! Upload 46 photos and receive your photo prints together with a Corner Heart Photo Wall Placement Template with instructions. We know that not all your memories fit in a square, for this reason, you can have a heart shaped photo wall with Printiki regular prints (4x6 " / 10x15 cm).
Dress up darling corners and give love to your empty wall!

We advise to first spread your prints on a flat surface, such as a table or your bed and think of which position you'd like to place each photo print. To fix photo prints on the wall, use removable adhesive squares - these won't spoil your wall or prints.  
On the Photo Wall Placement Template that you will receive with your prints, you can see the total height and width of the photo wall. Measure your wall first to see where you should start placing your photo prints.
Start placing your photo prints on the wall, one by one, following the positions that our Photo Wall Placement Template indicates: First print 1, then print 2, and so on. In this way, it's easier to place the photo prints aligned.

Corner Heart Photo Wall Collage